Race procedure – UK

Race procedure

If possible, the races will be held with minimal 3 qualifying rounds and 3 final rounds. Qualifying rounds and final rounds each are 5 minutes for LMP1 and 7 minutes for LMP2 and F1, plus the extra time to complete the last lap, with a maximum over-time of 1 minute.

Qualifying rounds
The groups will set according the championship standings. Adjustment on request of the drivers is possible. Qualifications will be counted based on a points system, although other systems are also possible, if necessary we will adapt to the organizing club. For each qualifying round the standings are put together. If multiple rounds are counted, points will be awarded for the overall position per qualification round. For first place X points are awarded and further places are awarded X-position-points (x > number of drivers) If multiple drivers have the same amount of points, then the next qualification round decides the ranking. If there is still no decision, the best result is counted (laps + time).

The groups for the finals will be divided based on the qualifying results. The drivers will be divided equally over the finals, where the higher final has maximum 1 driver more than the next lower final. Based on this, the following divisions can be made.

Up to 10 drivers: 1 A-Final
11 to 20 drivers: A- and B-Final
Divided: (6+5|6+6|7+6|7+7|8+7|8+8| 9+8|9+9|10+9|10+10)
21 to 30 drivers: A-, B- and C-Final
Divided: (7+7+7|8+7+7|8+8+7|8+8+8|9+8+8|9+9+8|9+9+9|10+9+9|10+10+9| 10+10+10)
31 to 40 drivers: A-, B-, C- and D-Final
Divided: (8+8+8+7|8+8+8+8|9+8+8+8|9+9+8+8|9+9+9+8|9+9+9+9|10+9+9+9|…..)

The starting positions for each final are based on the qualifying results. This means that every drivers starts from the same position for each final. The finals a points system is used. A non-starter receives 10 points. Per position the number of points goes down with 1 point. This means that the winner receives 1 point (for that final round), the 2nd gets 2 points etc. The best 2 out of 3 final positions are counted. The driver with the least points wins the race. When 2 drivers have the same amount of points the qualifying result counts.

If every group has at least 1 dry qualifying round, the best round counts. When one of the groups has no dry qualifying round only the wet rounds are counted. Touring car tires and caps are allowed. A separate rain car may be used.

Overall ranking
From race 3 1 scratch result is counted, 2 from race 4. At the end of the season 2 scratch results are counted. In case of equal points, the number of best race results is counted.